• A Fresh Look at the White Bedrooms Interior

    The idea of bright and spacious place for rest gains popularity, so designers are increasingly turning to white bedrooms that create feeling of purity and relaxation. This color fits any style and visually widens room dimensions.

    Variations of Shades Within White

    It is important to keep from overloading bedroom interior with white. The combination of different shades and tones gives the interior a lively, dynamic color of white snow, warm milk and pearl.

    white bedroom

    For warm white halftones furniture of soft shades including milk, beige, cream and coffee is selected. Cold snow-white color blends with black, smoky, metallic and bluish.

    Decorative and Color Accents

    Design of white bedrooms suggests harmoniously placed key emphasis following simple rules.

    -Clarity of lines.
    -Symmetry of furniture and accessories placed.
    -Natural, expensive finishing materials.
    -A bed and other furniture as a dominant note defining the bedroom style.
    -Considering reflection when installing the mirror cabinet.

    White walls in the bedroom are a proper place for decorations. Vivid paintings and panel, statuettes, vintage lamps and bedside tables sparkle with a new look and revitalize white shades of the bedroom. Bright decorative elements create the mood in the bedroom. These may be orange or red pillows or a bedspread.

    Choosing Furniture

    The furniture for intimate white room does not have to be snow-white, you may prefer darker shades. In this case use a white coverlet and lay a white napkin on a dark chest of drawers.

    white bedroom

    The highlight of the interior is a white bed of sufficient size with a high back. It is possible to emphasize the bedside making it upholstered or decorated with metal patterns. The interior can be completed with contrast bedside tables.

    The floor must slightly contrast with the tinge of the walls, so choose darker flooring. Or you can decide on snow-white floor and furnishing, but make the walls a couple of shades darker.

    white bedroom

    Modern white bedrooms are necessarily complemented with curtains. They can be a self-emphasis or shade the accessories.

    The white bedroom is a perfect background for other items of the interior. You can create a new, fresh atmosphere almost every day at a negligible price.

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