• The Beauty of Paula Deen Bedroom Furniture

    Paula Deen bedroom furniture ideas reflect the ideas inspired by Paula Deen in her TV show. The first impression that people can feel upon entering the room, or even at the first time they see the room is balance and calm feeling. Even though this style of bedroom is usually applied to traditional houses, yet Paula Deen bedroom is pretty nice for modern houses. There are some reasons why people decide to choose this design over others. First is because of unique characteristic of the bedroom balance.

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    Applying balance design without making the room classic is one great way to attract people using this style. The second reason is the natural light source which is enough for making the room bright and healthy at the same time. That’s all broad knowledge of Paula Deen bedroom, and those characteristics will be described in the following paragraph.

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    Paula Deen bedroom furniture has very unique design regarding symmetry and proportion. The bed set is always in the middle of the room. There are two wide windows that are in the left and right side of headboard. It is really different from common modern room that has windows across bed’s side. Either way, wide windows are the main natural light source for the bedroom.

    After discussing the windows, it is better to move to decoration in the wall. Common decoration in the way is paintings or photographs. Uniquely, those frames are arranged equally above the headboard forming either triangle arranged pictures or just straight line of pictures.

    Paula Deen bedroom furniture is certainly unique one which becomes important discussion here. Starting from the bed frame. It is commonly platform bed frame. Some reasons for choosing platform frame bed is to decrease significant cost of bedding, and it will give some storage space beneath the bed frame. The gap between floor and bed frame can be inserted a box with railing to store some stuff. There is also another variation that has embedded storage box in the bed frame.

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    Either way, the furniture is very practical compared to other types. For the headboard, it is also unique. It can be seen from three curves like wave with its middle as highest point of wave. Those all are some reasons, characteristics, and uniquenese of Paula Deen bedroom. Any home owner can have this style for their living place by adjusting some things to more balanced composition.

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