Wood bedroom sets are considered to be the most popular pick among the American citizens. Why? It’s simple, actually: Who doesn’t want to get matching tables, chairs, beds and drawers that come at a reduced cost? Yep, it’s a tricky marketing plan that appeals to a huge audience that wants to pay less and get more. That’s why furniture sets have been breaking all kinds of records worldwide.

Today we’ll talk about wood bedroom sets and check out the best offers on the market. Obviously, I’ve got tons of pictures for you with the most amazing sets, because no words can ever describe something better than a photo. So, buckle up, grab some popcorn and Coca-Cola and let’s see what we’ve got!

Let’s kick it off with a modest setup, something cheap and practical. As you can see, the bed, the nightstand, the drawers and the cupboard match each other (that’s the whole idea behind a set), which gives the room something of a retro feel, because back in the day we didn’t have nearly as many manufacturers, designs and styles as we do today. Yep, that also means that you won’t have to always “look back” when picking the next piece of furniture, because you already have a whole set!

solid wood bedroom furniture sets

A simple, minimalistic bedroom set is exactly what you need if you’re looking to get decent quality for a reasonable price-tag.

Sometimes, especially if you’re living alone in the bedroom (or the whole house), you don’t really need tons of furniture, just a bed, a nightstand and a drawer. If that’s the case, then make sure to give this setup a thought. You’ll get everything you need for the most affordable price, plus, it’s safe to say that you won’t “cry over”, say, the drawer if it breaks down, because you paid so little for it in the first place.

wood bedroom furniture sets

Everything you’ll ever need to lead a healthy and happy single life 🙂

The key to finding just the perfect wood bedroom set is the willingness to experiment and/or check out tons of offers at your nearest store (or on the Internet).  Take the next furniture set, for example: Won’t you agree that it looks fantastic in black? True, it might not be an ideal fit for every single bedroom out there, but at least it’s worth taking a look at. Don’t worry – black is not a bad color, it’s just an unusual one, but that’s what makes it so special. If you, like me, are tired of regular natural wood, black might just be the answer for you.

dark wood bedroom set

A black solid wood king bedroom set looks gorgeous and will add a grotesque and maybe even gothic atmosphere to your 4 walls.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a bit extravagant and fresh, a set like that would most definitely give your room an edgy and hi-tech touch. The bed is super-low – it’s almost like you’re lying on a mattress that’s standing on the floor – while the dope drawers certainly do make you want to “mess around” with them. The greatest thing about wood furniture bedroom sets like these is they won’t make your wallet “weep and cry” – they’re pretty affordable, actually.

solid wood full size bedroom sets

Craving for something fresh and exciting? Take a look at this bedroom set!

A Cherry Wood Bedroom Set VS A Regular One

Speaking of fresh and unique colors and designs, I would strongly recommend taking a look at cherry wood bedroom sets, because they might just be what you’ve been looking for this whole time. It’s not black, it’s not dark – it’s…cherry! They say this color gives any kind of furniture an “expensive” look, and that’s why people around the globe are picking more and more sets in this color. Who doesn’t want their furniture to look great, right?

Admit it – you want this bedroom set to be yours! I know I do :). Everything about it reminds me of the British lords and queens, especially that mirror with flowers next to it. Some people buy sets with the natural wood color and paint it with the color of cherry, but the truth is – you’ll never be able to pick just the right color. Besides, don’t go cheap, especially given the fact that “ready-steady” cherry king bedroom furniture sets won’t cost you a fortune. Go to your store’s web-site and see for yourself.

cherry bedroom sets

Want some of that “royal” gloss? Check out the cherry bedroom sets!

This is my favorite bedroom furniture set. Why? Because it looks truly awesome, that’s why! True, the bed might come with a hefty price-tag, but it will be well worth it, trust me. Besides, who knows, maybe you’ll manage to convince the salesperson to drop the price a bit and/or purchase it on a sale! It’s not a super-expensive and luxurious set, but it’s definitely the priciest one yet. And, thanks to the soft lighting and the light color of the floor and the walls the whole room looks pretty cool. Oh, by the way, if you’re a fan of cool bedroom ideas, check out my review!

hardwood bedroom furniture sets

Looks good, feels good. You like it? Then go and buy it!

More Good-Looking Wood Bedroom Sets

Alright, finally, let’s just go through the rest of the sets from my collection.

If you’re in the market for something cute and “cartoony”, this set could be your perfect cup of tea. The bed is pretty “normal”, but the rest of the furniture looks a bit funny and unusual, almost like it came directly from a Pixar movie. And that’s awesome! Nothing like the furniture giving you that mighty dose of fun early in the morning :).

bedroom set wood

Do you want your furniture to be uplifting and fun? There you go!

What? Is it even a bedroom set? Yes, it is, and, if you give it some time, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. A set like that would certainly NOT be a good match for, say, your kid’s bedroom, but, if you’re a proud owner of a man cave, this could be it for you. It’s minimalistic and cool at the same time, and, given the fact that you’ll be living alone in your cave, you won’t really need more. The dark blue works great with the wooden color, too!

wood king bedroom sets

Just the right fit for your man cave.

Wood Bedroom Sets Photo Gallery

Wood has always been humanity’s most favorite material throughout history. Before we learned how to make brick walls or stone gates we were already building wooden houses, fortifications, swords, shields, and, of course, furniture – beds, drawers, tables, chairs – that kind of thing. So, as you can see, the human kind had a LOT of time to study wood and that’s why today we get to enjoy amazing wooden bedroom furniture that’s equally affordable, comfy and good-looking.

This time around we’ll try to pick out the greatest wooden furniture from the huge collection on the Internet and talk about how you can use those ideas in your own bedroom. We’ll also discuss rustic furniture – that’s when you just nail two small pieces of wood to a bigger one and call it a chair (or a table) :). Alright, let’s get right to it and see what the world of solid wood bedroom furniture has to offer in 2016.

I suggest we start with something simple, something that we can all relate to. If you take a look at this setup you’ll instantly get a warm, homey feeling. This is a simple bedroom with a wooden bed and two nightstands – nothing more, nothing less. It’s affordable, high-quality and you won’t have to spend tons of money on ridiculously expensive materials to fix if something breaks down. It’s just wood! At the same time, it does look pretty good and solid wood beds usually last for a life-time.

cheap solid wood furniture

Wooden furniture is the cheapest and the most accessible choice for a middle-class family who puts utility and practicality first.

Here we’ve got a similar setup, only this time around it will cost you even less. The bed is super-cheap, and the rest of the furniture makes you feel like you’re back in the ’70s (or even the ’60s). Nothing fancy, nothing extra – just the essentials. Come to think of it, the bed looks like it belongs in a prison cell, not in a bedroom, right? 🙂 Regardless, it can still be cozy and comfy, as long as you’ve got a super-thick mattress to keep it all cushy and cuddly.

bedroom furniture wood

If you’re looking for the most affordable wooden bedroom furniture, check out this setup.

On the other hand, if you’ve got some cash to spend, I would really recommend giving this setup a thought. Again, it’s pretty simple and affordable, but you can instantly see that the designer has a great taste and he/she makes it work with only a few touches here and there. The bed has a couple of drawers, which is always great, and the cupboard and the nightstand just add to the overall picture. I for one would really love to own a wooden bed like that – it makes me feel closer to nature, if you know what I mean.

wooden bed with storage

Simple doesn’t always mean cheap-looking and you can still make it work with a “modest set of tools”.

Are you tired of saving on up everything, including your bedroom furniture? Well, if you are, make sure to check out this setup. It looks like a fairy tale came true and you’re living in the same house as Snow White and the seven dwarfs. Every little detail on the furniture makes you want to “study” it and appreciate the professional and passionate approach. And the beautiful thing is, you won’t even have to pay a huge amount of money for this kind of furniture. All you’ll have to do is try and find a set like that in your vicinity and have it delivered to your house.

natural wood bedroom furniture

If the most important thing in a bedroom for you is comfort and beauty, this is it for you.

Picking Just The Perfect Wooden Bed

Hands down, the bed is the most important part of any furniture, simply because we spend 7-8 hours with (or, rather, on) it. You can’t make a bedroom work the right way until you “equip” it with a proper bed. It doesn’t even have to be king-size or fancy – just comfortable and nice enough for you to rest and relax. So, next, let’s check out some of the best wooden bed designs out there and find the ones that fits our taste, budget and room the most.

Exactly what I’m talking about! A bed like that will be on your mind all day at work and you’ll do everything to get back to it and enjoy your time with it :). First of all, I gotta say that the room made of wood and the two nightstands are doing a tremendous job of supporting the wooden bed, but it’s still the king in this setup. It might look a bit old, but that’s what makes wood look expensive! By the way, keep in mind that dark wood bedroom furniture looks really great and never seems to get old. If you’ve got extra love for everything rustic, check out my article on rustic bedroom ideas.

solid wood modern bedroom furniture

The bed in your bedroom can make it or break it for you, so, pick it wisely.

Ok, let’s go a bit crazy for a second or two and talk about REAL rustic bedroom furniture. Come on, just take a look at the bed! Doesn’t it look like something that the characters from the Game Of Thrones would sleep on (I don’t mean the kings of queens – the regular folks)? I’m not really sure that you can actually buy something like that in your nearby store, but that’s not even the point here. The point is – it doesn’t get any more rustic than this, so, enjoy it while you can!

rustic wood bedroom furniture

Back in the day folks didn’t have any tools to polish wood, so, that’s what beds looked like then.

Keep in mind that cherry wood bedroom furniture looks pretty great if you want your room to feel a bit more “expensive” than it already is. In this particular bedroom we still have that minimalistic approach, but the color of the wood makes all the difference in the world.

cherry bedroom furniture traditional

Cherry wood will turn your average bedroom into a fancy one.

If you’re looking for something even fancier than natural or cherry wood, take a look at light oak bedroom furniture. It’s not too expensive, but it will most definitely bring out all the right “colors” in your bedroom. The bed looks especially great, while the nightstands, the drawers and the shelves will go nicely with pretty much any wallpaper and/or room size.

oak wood bedroom furniture

Oak is the answer if you want a bite of that “good life”.

Wooden Bedroom Furniture Photo Gallery