Shabby chic bedroom can decor the master bedroom and even guest bedroom. If you like vintage look, choosing the shabby chic design is perfect option to decorate your bedroom. There are many ways to turn your bedroom area into something vintage look. Adding certain details can help to bold the theme of shabby chic itself.

You need to consider several things to your vintage design in the bedroom such as the accents, accessories and vignettes. Although the shabby chic design is not always can have look of vintage but also it has look of country or cottage style. It will make your bedroom the perfect place to feel relax rather than others. It is easy to achieve for your home area, not even for the bedroom.

bedroom shabby chic

Shabby chic bedroom should have floral curtain. The bed frame is the focal point of bedroom. To have look of shabby chic, you can choose the bed frame that has French style. It can mix the elegant look with antique pieces. You may match it with chandelier and vintage style in carved wood of mirror that is in frame.

french shabby chic bedroom

For the furniture of vintage, the upcycle old furniture is the perfect one. You can improve your creativity skill by redecor or repurpose the old furniture like paint a small metal garden table to be your bedside table. It can save some money and also may look more authentic. When you want to decorate your bedroom, don’t forget about the little thing of detail. The curtain and the accesories that you placed in the bedroom would give affect to the style of the room.

Placing the right furniture and right accesories is not enought to make your room have shabby chic look. It also should include the paint of the room to make it look more great. For example, sheer blue can create the bedroom look calm and cool, and can be supplemented with pink and lilac tones to give warmth and comfort feel to the bedroom.

white shabby chic bedroom

Shabby chic bedroom doesn’t have to be complicated thing. It is often show in simple and cheap ways. You don’t need to buy something new to get the look of shabby chic. You may find the furniture or others accessories on the vintage store. Discover more about what you need to fill the bedroom when you want to have style of shabby chic on the Internet. There are a lot of inspiration that you can find.

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Shabby chic bedroom ideas are needed to create such a sweet and simple interior of a bedroom. The design for such kind of bedroom style is using soft colors which is mixed to be a good combination of color. This kind of style of a bedroom is really suitable for women who like sweet things to decorate the interior of a bedroom. There are many things that should be considered in making such a bedroom style so that it will come out so perfectly in its execution.

modern shabby chic bedroom

It is started from the wall color which will dominate the color of a bedroom, the bedroom furniture which will be good if the design and color is the same each other, and other decoration that will make the interior of a bedroom come so perfect. The most important in arranging such kind of bedroom style is the combination of colors which needs to mix well.

modern chic bedroom ideas

Shabby chic bedroom ideas that you should consider in making the bedroom in such style is the color. Most of bedroom interior which has such style is dominated by white color, so that it will be better if you make white as the main color for the interior of your bedroom. Then, you can make the color of the wall in white which is in the choice you can select whether it uses plain wallpaper or with some prints.

The second thing is about the choice of the furniture that is suitable with shabby chic style which is the main focus in the interior of a bedroom. It is suggested if you select the bedroom furniture that has classic style and they are colored in white. It will be better if you put some sweet touch by putting floral pink print of the bed cover on your bed.

shabby chicbedroom with floral prints

Then the last one, is you are supposed to decorate the interior of your bedroom with sweet stuffs. For example, you install the carpet in your bedrooom, it is good if it comes in white. Then, for the other decorations like clocks or wall mount, it will be good if they come in pink. Therefore, you will have a good combination of shabby chic style in your bedroom. Shabby chic bedroom ideas give you many inspirations in making the interior of your bedrom come out so sweet. Thus, you will have such a little sweet beauty in your own bedroom.

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