• Still Classy with Wicker Bedroom Furniture

    Wicker bedroom furniture might not have been too well known and widely used today but in fact it is very special and interesting furniture. Especially for those who have a house with a classic or a contemporary concept. And even the modern concept will look suitable together with wicker furniture. Here will be discussed a little about some of the concepts wicker furniture in accordance with the concept of home that you have.

    bedroom wicker furniture

    Wicker bedroom furniture with simple models without showing any details webbing may be great and suitable, and the colors that you can choose range from natural light or dark to white color. Usually a set of king size bed frame with wicker material you can get for a price of about 300 dollars.

    black wicker bedroom furniture

    The price is very cheap if you compare them with a king size bed frame made of hard materials such as iron or wood or even with iron and stainless steel materials. Though they produce beauty and modern concept, they are difficult to compare with each other. Wicker furniture can only be compared with rattan furniture:

    Pros wicker furniture:

    • resistant to moisture, ermites and other wood enemy
    • temperature changes,
    • can withstand a little frost,
    • cheaper than rattan furniture.

    Cons wicker furniture:

    • less durable than rattan,
    • with high loads can be deformed.

    Still, you can bring home ten wicker bed frames for money that you will only be able to buy a king size bed frame with wood iron material.

    Wicker bedroom furniture to the classic concept of the house you can get to choose who has woven motifs and styles that show the original color of wicker. Wow you know, brown color with some spots there really looks sexy and beauty. You can decorate your room that may be made of quality wood with a bed frame, mirror, nightstand, and many other things that come from beautiful wicker.

    henry link wicker bedroom furniture

    For classical models may you will get them at a price that is more expensive than that with modern models about 400-500 dollars, do not know why like that somehow like it when to make one classic craftsman does not need paint, but perhaps the level of difficulty in making and designing owned by the classic motif. Then for you with contemporary style home maybe you can try that has complicated motives but with more colorful. You know, when you have a contemporary concept then you combine modern and classic. And at this moment are the most contemporary concepts in the search.

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