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    Simple Bedroom Ideas – Tips, Tricks, And Then Some

    Just like small is the new big, simple is the new complicated. Even the richest folks in the world try to go with something modest these days – it’s a new trend right now. Back in the day simple bedrooms used to be associated with poor folks. Today – it’s a whole another thing.

    Simplicity is an art form, and a true visionary can do so much more with it than with big, fancy and glorious tools that are pretty average at their core. I’m not saying you must be the next great designer to turn your simple bedroom into the stuff of legends. On the contrary, it’s easier to work when you’re not overwhelmed by complicated and sophisticated things. Alright, that’s it for my intro – now let’s get right into simple bedroom décor and see whether we can make sense of it or not (I’m confident we can :)).

    simple bedding ideas

    Take a look at this one: as you can see, the room is not very spacious, but you don’t even need big spaces for a bedroom. All you need is the bed, a nightstand, a shelf and a chest. That’s it!

    simple decorating ideas

    Another fine example of the fact that simple bedroom decorating ideas are the best if you want something calm, soft and natural. The bed in the center is pretty much the king of the room, with a couple of nice accessories/the furniture adding up to the nice, minimalistic picture.

    simple decorating ideas for bedrooms

    It’s safe to say that wood goes great with the simplistic approach, and, if you live in a shiny neighborhood, that sunlight early in the morning will make it all look so much better! Again, nothing special, but it does look good, doesn’t it?

    simple bedroom designs

    Ok, I guess you could say that it doesn’t get any more minimalistic and simple that this setup right here. On the other hand, if you’re a college student with big plans after graduation, the bed, the desk with a lamp and that TV will probably be considered luxury! The only thing stopping you from conquering the world might be the noise those trains make :).

    Simple Bedroom Decor – The Ins And Outs

    When it comes to decorating a simple bedroom, we usually use whatever we’ve got lying around or go buying some cheap stuff from the local store. That’s just how it is, but, if you use your brains and let that creative flow out, you’ll be able to create beautiful designs with just a couple of simple but effective accessories. Remember, it’s all about finding the right combinations of color and size, plus being able to make the most out of whatever’s at your disposal. Oh, and don’t forget to keep your room clean! A messy bedroom will never look great, no matter how you decorate it.

    simple bedrooms ideas

    This room is super-tiny, but that doesn’t stop the owner from trying to light it up and make it feel warm and fuzzy with a couple of pretty cool touches here and there. You’ve got two pictures on the walls and two vases with flowers (one’s on the sill, the other one’s on the table). The window lights up the room really nicely, too!

    easy bedroom makeover

    Same thing here – it’s a small room, and, as far as easy bedroom ideas go, pictures/photos on the wall are your best friends. Decor doesn’t have to be huge works of art, super-expensive statues or fancy lamps. As I said in the beginning, make whatever you’ve got work, and that’s exactly what we see in this photo.

    simple wall decor ideas

    This is a perfect room for your little girl. It would suit a teenage lady as well, if she’s into that pinky-cutie stuff, of course. There’s almost no decor in this room whatsoever, but that’s precisely what makes it look nice. Three accessories on the walls – that’s it! As for the design, that bright pink works wonders with the white and light pink.

    easy bedroom decorating ideas

    Cute girl bedroom alert! This room is as simple as it gets – the bed and the desk barely fit in, but the designer and decorator are pretty resourceful people and turned their weakness into an advantage, playing into those pyramid-like walls and letting the room itself shine through, without any unnecessary accessories and stuff on the walls. Remember: sometimes you’ll be better off leaving it all be rather than “infesting” the walls with everything you have.

    simple bedding ideas

    Technically, there’s no decor in this room, except for maybe that fancy shelf that looks pretty cool against the odds. Two photos on the wall – classic. A nice bed in the middle with two nightstands on both sides – traditional. Still, the bedroom is dope, and, again, doesn’t need much to impress.

    Simple Bedrooms Could Use A Creative Spark

    What do you do when your car is having trouble with the engine? You come out and start pushing it, right? That’s kinda what you need to do with your simple bedroom. Not push it across, obviously, but do give it a tiny push with your creative magic. Sometimes all it takes to do that is just a clever combination of colors, a nice, unique piece of art on the wall or a fancy enough bed to pull it off. Check out the following pictures and try to find your perfect match.

    simple bedrooms

    Paint the furniture black to make your small bedroom look cool? Why not?! This particular room sure does gain a lot of cool points. And check out the professional use of accessories all over the place.

    simple bedroom

    Same thing here. The combination of a pink carpet, yellow-greenish chair and a lamp, plus that fancy thing on the wall turn this average room into a truly catchy one. Oh, and the huge window that almost takes up the whole wall works great with this crazy setup. The Universal Truth claims: experiment and try different things until something clicks with you – that’s it.

    simple bedroom décor

    This room is awesome, starting with that “low-profile” bed up to the amazing artwork on the wall. The chair is cool, the HUGE window is double cool, and the futuristic lights on the ceiling are triple cool.

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