• traditional shabby chic bedroom for twins girls

    Shabby Chic Bedroom Design in Variety

    Shabby style – is one of fashion trends. It is quite young, but has already managed to conquer its niche in Shabby Chic girls’ bedroom design. The author of this style is Rachel Asheville. She worked on the decoration of old furniture, and created the appearance of old plaque, executed in pastel colors. Shabby Chic bedroom set, wherein light, airy atmosphere, natural beauty, refined elegance, pastel colors, elegant lines, is the ideal solution for the room the little lady.

    Conducive to the harmonious development of the creative personality, realizes the world fabulous fantasies. Shabby Chic girl bedroom ideas allow caring parents to create an exquisite island. They can give comfort and love for their young princess, radiant heat, tenderness and serenity. If you’re wondering, what is Shabby Chic, immerse yourself in a world of tenderness.

    classical shabby chic bedroom for girls

    Classical shabby chic bedroom for girls

    Delicate Shades Chic Item, Lightness and Romance in Girls` Bedroom

    The color scheme of style includes two basic colors, it is white and pink. In conjunction with the primary colors you can use milk-white color, grey, soft pink, light blue, light green and light perfectly valid ivory. As you can see, all the colors are very soft and “sweet” colors. Gamma shades should be in the form of wear, as if they burned in the sun.

    To complete the color perception of integrity allowed using a little bit of dark color. Today Shabby Chic bedroom is available in various colors. Getting to the arrangement of rooms for boys and girls, you can choose one of two options. In the first case the space is made in the same style, but each child has its own chosen colors.

    Shabby Style Colors in Interior of Adults Twins

    It`s a perfect for a child, if you want to make the room a light, delicate, refined, filling the atmosphere of warmth and light of nostalgia. This interior of originality and elegance combined with high functionality. In this case children may be completely consistent with the overall style of the apartment. This style is best suited for girls’ rooms (and of any age) and infants.

    This combination is suitable for Shabby Chic Girls` Bedroom, where you can add decorating for the realization of ideas. But if you wish, you can arrange a room for the older boy do enough design more restrained and choose the appropriate decorations, by aged from time to time:

    • white and shades of it;
    • shades of beige;
    • blue;
    • mint;
    • purple;
    • creamy;
    • sea colors;
    • pale pink.

    At the same time the style of the teenage girl interior can be made of wooden items. Girl’s room in this style should bring back memories of holidays in my grandmother’s house, where any mark on furniture remembers its origin. There are unacceptable aggressive forms, metal objects, causing coloring. This is the realm of the past with his souvenirs, photographs, heart pleasant trifles. Suitable stylish palette:

    • classic;
    • neoclassicism;
    • modern;
    • glamorous;
    • luxury;
    • minimalism.

    For style is typical pretentious, vintage. The essential attributes of this style include the curved lines, fanciful shapes, numerous vignettes, curls, ornaments, concise instead of straight lines, that kids are very fond of.

    Selecting a Color Scheme for Children`s Rooms Idea

    There is snow-white walls in children`s rooms. Shabby Chic bedroom ideas are born since the examination room. It can be mixed styles as country, black and white, airy, loft and others. There are a number of unique features which combine to create a unique style and atmosphere:

    • color palette of the interior, seasoned in pastel colors, consists of a discreet but sophisticated combinations in which the predominant white and other soft colors;
    • an abundance of antiques, which are easily found on the “flea” market, from antiquarian or artificially aged;
    • most of the elements of interior, accessories, decoration are worn effect;
    • in ornaments dominated by roses, angels, birds, and strip and the cell;
    • there are many sorts of “granny” knickknacks – porcelain figurines, frames with photos, boxes, dolls;
    • interior children’s different uniformity, to achieve which are not enough several parts – there should be a lot.

    Often ideas for a shabby chic bedroom are played upon a combination of blue, pale pink in color with a classic white. Not recommended in the color design to use bright colors. For completeness, the perception of the integrity of a minor is allowed to use dark colors such as brown, combined with faded colors.

    Shabby décor for bedroom walls

    Style fills children’s space, light, delicate items, which are not only very beautiful, but very serviceable and quite functional. But if in the nursery for a girl used authentic period furniture, its restoration must be done very carefully. After all, in the child’s room is not allowed to have unsafe things in an emergency or potentially dangerous condition. The white ground can become lighter if accessories be in pastel colors. Even using armoire and stucco you can decorate the room.

    The color scheme, along with the walls, the ceiling, and floor should create a gentle neutral background, which is designed to strengthen the impression that this child for many years, but it is high-quality and well made. Using masonry, painted white tone, can also be found as wall decoration in adults’ rooms. Making the walls can be made with the use of gentle old-fashioned wallpaper, for example, in a small flower. But the special atmosphere will create roughly painted wall with cracked paint in some places. The use of wallpaper with pattern floral for the walls in common style Shabby Chic bedroom ideas for adults’ romantic style.

    Shabby modern style for bedroom ceilings

    The best option of color solutions is soft pastel colors, shades of which are combined with the overall decor of the room. Universal is white, ivory is also suitable, boil-and-white, pale pink, light blue, crème. The ceiling can wear out with the help of plaster peeling effect. The perfect complement is antique stucco. Do not forget about shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas even in this matter.

    Shabby for bedroom floors

    Interior details in this style should be selected not only in accordance with the principles of the decoration of the space, but also to meet feeling action. Otherwise, children may look cluttered. It is better to remove all the excess that the child is or is not required, and then space will be comfortable and safe. Neither toys cannot do, nor children, and in style are almost the main accessories.

    Porcelain dolls, old teddy bears, rocking horses perfectly complement this wonderful interior. It can be a wonderful decision when selecting an interior for a child. The more to create a wonderful atmosphere of peace and pleasant nostalgia is a snap, but with little investment of their own powers and abilities – and even inexpensive. Remember that you need to find furniture to match the shabby chic teenage bedroom ideas.

    The role of accessories in the Shabby girl`s bedroom design

    An amazing chic bedroom accessories combination is of luxurious chandeliers and wardrobe. The main decoration of the bedroom is the bedspread, it must be suitably framed: cloth canopy, quilts, interior coverlet, comforter, decorative pillows, and an abundance of lace embroidery. Textile items in cushions, drapes, frames, headboard, sheets and bedspreads can be decorated with floral ornaments, images of birds and angels, symbols in rustic style. The linens comforters are dominated by natural materials: linen, silk, cotton.

    Textiles must have exquisite decoration, made of lace stuff, frills and pleats. For the lighting, as a rule, it is used a massive retro chandelier, which is mounted on the center of the room. The wall used as bedside lamps and other lighting elements. Accessories can be done manually, without affecting the budget. It can be small mirror with elements of french, decorated with photo in frame of hearts, or sets of pictures, which are made in a master class by childrens and adults.

    Gender premises should be covered with fluffy rug in the room needs to be a large number of fresh flowers, which can be placed in pots or vases. Handmade in the technique of decoupage or craquelure, emphasize the luxurious taste of the bedroom the hostess. Shabby Chic has many faces, it applies to traditional Provence, and country, and artsy baroque. Depending on personal preference, you can effectively arrange Shabby Chic girls’ bedroom in the spirit of the past time, to create an atmosphere of wealth, luxury and well-being.

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