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    How to Design a Small Sweet Island at Home – Romantic Bedroom

    At any house bedroom is the intimate room and initially it is not designed to entertaining or parties. It should be a room for relaxation and cultivating romance, a place where you can bask silence, your partner and acquire new strength to meet another day. So, romantic bedroom is really needful especially if you want surrounding atmosphere to contribute your relationship.

    Romantic white bedroom design

    More often people ignore the rule that bedroom should be an island for two and turn it into the ordinary room. They clutter it with a bulk of extra things; all pictures, souvenirs and a bulk of other things that don’t match the design of the whole house usually find their place in bedrooms. Moreover, in some cases dirty laundry occupies formidable place on the floor near the bed or a bureau.

    Sometimes such a way of life becomes boring and if you desire to add the flavor of romance to your house and relations just follow the simple rules that will enable you to create romantic bedroom. By the way, such a desire doesn’t require many financial efforts, so people with restrained budget also can do it.

    Floral pattern: romantic bedrooms ideas

    The main rule is to stop creating storage in this room. Extra things should be put away. Concentrate on the most significant thing – a bed. For creating the flavor of romantic intrigue you should decorate it with canopy. You can order it from a specialized store or create it by yourself, buying several yards of fabric you like and draw it to the eye hooks on the ceiling.

    Creative romantic bedrooms ideas

    The next thing you should give a tumble is the color of the walls. Paint the walls a luxurious colour which is comfortable for you and promotes relaxation and romantic feeling. Choose the colours that soothe you. But if you prefer following modern tendencies bear in mind that the designers recommend red, beige or pompadour tinctures. Otherwise you can leave white colour and flesh out your room by bright accessories.

    The bedroom is the heart of the house, so make a point of things that mean too much for your relationship. Try to decorate romantic bedrooms using décor that reminds you of something. By the way, one more advice – there is no place for TV set in the bedroom, especially if you strain after romantic!

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