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    Red Bedrooms – Fancy, Extravagant And Thrilling

    When it comes to your bedroom, you want to make it look and feel as close to perfection as you can. In a way, it’s a mirror into our souls, because we – like it or not – tend to design and decor our bedrooms according to the way we think, the way we dream, and the way we live. It doesn’t get more personal than that, and, even though red bedrooms might not be considered “deep” or “warm”, they sure do have a lot of potential.

    With red you can create an intimate atmosphere; or, why not try to spice things up and go with a bright and bold theme, like red walls, red pillows and furniture? Possibilities are endless, and the one thing that you gotta keep in mind is “less is more”. That’s the #1 rule – don’t overdo it. On the other hand, if you’re quick on the trigger, don’t let me stop you! Go with whatever is in your heart and shock us all with your fancy new designs :). But, for now, let’s just take a look at the best red bedroom ideas and see how people all around the globe put it all together.

    red and white bedroom decorating ideas

    How about we start with something exotic? Please, welcome a true Feng Shui red bedroom! In all seriousness, it does look pretty great and the concepts we see here are very well respected in the Western culture as well. The headboard matches with the dresser perfectly, while the straight, simple lines and the dominance of white on the floor, the walls and the ceiling allow you to relax and enjoy your rest.

    red and white bedroom

    Alright, this is like the ultimate “love-making room” straight from the 90s. And despite the fact that it does look pretty expensive, it won’t actually cost you a lot to make this happen. If you’re into stuff like that, of course.

    red in bedrooms

    Hey, isn’t this just one of the best red bedrooms you have ever seen? The stripped walls, the breathtaking red and black curtains and the 3-level “shelf” make me believe that design/decor is a true art form.

    The Most Romantic Red Bedroom Ideas Out There

    You might not like red in the regular, routine things, but when it comes to romance, there’s no denying that red is the king. If you love your bedroom to breathe love in and out, you’ll need to learn how to “handle” this furious color. One of the easiest ways to make it work is to try and accentuate certain features of a room that are otherwise boring and average. Red bedroom walls look great in any setup. I know I said “don’t overdo it” in the beginning, but if you feel like that’s exactly what your bedroom needs, go for it! Some people think that red is too “vulgar”, others say it’s distracting. I personally think it’s a super-powerful tool, one that needs special treatment.

    red and black bedroom

    It looks more like a hotel room, not a day-by-day bedroom, but the design is simply superb. And while that red “chair” is a bit too much for my taste, the curtains and the bed cover look amazing. Oh, and check out that black wall!

    red and white bedroom ideas

    If you’re into that cute stuff, this design has a lot of potential for you. The red carpet, accessories all over the room, the cute combination of white and red on the shelves – it all works wonders in combination. Truth be told, there aren’t a lot of worthy red and white bedroom decorating ideas, but I found one!

    red walls bedroom

    Looking for some solid red bedroom ideas for boys? This one is definitely worth checking out. If you’re a fan of “man caves” and want to create that ultimate “I made it” atmosphere, give it a try.

    The Walls – Picking Just The Right Tones Of Red

    One of the most effective uses of red is on the walls. It’s perfect if you want to accentuate one of the walls while leaving the rest muted and dull. The majority of folks go for an all-white or an all-grey color palette, but if you paint one of the walls red the room will transform from boring into exciting in a blink of an eye.

    red bedroom wall painting ideas

    The floor, the ceiling and the walls are red, except for the one on the left. That cool artwork in the middle of it makes the room even catchier. The vintage red chair is a nice touch as well. Again, it’s not that hard to paint a wall red, so, don’t be afraid to experiment.

    red wall paint ideas

    Here we’ve got a great example of clever usage of accents. The wall is, obviously, the major accent, but the nightstand and the red block on the desk sure do add up to the overall picture.

    More Exciting Ideas On How To Make Red Work

    Another time-proved technique would be to buy a red mattress and red pillows for the bed and try to match them with the furniture, the rug or something else. There are no strict rules in designing and decorating, simply because nobody can tell you for sure whether a certain idea will work in your particular setup or not. By the way, if red is still not your cup of tea, why don’t you give black and white a chance? Check out my black and white bedroom article and let me know what you think.

    red color bedroom

    Exactly what I’m talking about! The stuff on the bed matches that gorgeous carpet on the floor, and these two are pretty much the only red elements in the whole room. No, wait there’s a tiny object on the chest that actually adds in nicely.

    red bedroom ideas

    I’ve got another “royal” red bedroom for you, my friends. The curtains look gorgeous, with the carpet, the bed cover and the sofa making you feel like you’re entering the king’s chambers.

    red and white bedroom

    It’s pretty similar to the previous photo, only this time around we all can actually afford it :). I bet you’ll get tons of good sleep and be in a cheerful mood early in the morning.

    red and white bedrooms

    Red goes great with white, and in this particular design we’ve got a lot more white than red, but you can still appreciate the soft touches here and there.

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