• Plum and gray bedroom with white fabric elements

    Plum Bedroom Ideas: Attractive, Stylish and Diversified

    While thinking of decorating a bedroom, it`s essential to choose a color palette, answering your taste preferences and making your newly refurbished bedroom the room of your dream. If you want it to look noble, saturated and warm, choose plum accompanied by matching colors.

    Plum Bedroom Ideas Impress Us with Their Variety and Beauty

    There are a lot of plum bedroom ideas. Plum and grey bedrooms seem to be the best, but not the only version. Study information about plum bedroom designs, styles, color combinations, specifics and some plum color schemes for bedrooms. The choice is yours!

    Plum Bedrooms:  Specifics and Styles

    Being a hue of violet, plum has got a touch of claret red. It`s darker and more intense than violet. A plum is a sample of the color. Imagine its skin and pulp.

    Plum coloured bedroom ideas are based on deep and rich color of plums

    Red-ripe plums are a source of inspiration for plum coloured bedroom ideas

    The color is elegant, warm, bright and deep. They say it is king`s color. The plum coloured bedroom looks luxurious and classical, charming and specific.

    Plum used in interior decoration may be:

    • Very dark;
    • Very bright;
    • Lusterless;
    • Brilliant.

    The main feature of using plum in bedroom design is its multipurpose usefulness. That means that there is no limit of use, depending on a style. Plum coloured bedrooms may be:

    • Classical;
    • Modern;
    • Luxury;
    • Glamorous;
    • Pared-down.

    It is up to you to choose the style or just its elements. Sometimes elements of different styles combined in an unusual way would give an awesome result. Don’t overdo it!

    Plum Color Schemes for Bedrooms

    Wonderful plum goes with almost any color. Of course, there are some generally accepted favorites among them. They are: olive-green, taupe, grey, greenish-yellow.

    Plum and grey bedroom is almost an ideal choice. The color scheme is common in many styles. It helps to create a relaxing feel. There are a lot of gray and plum bedroom ideas. Here are some of them.

    Plum and silver bedroom has got unique chic. They impress any person. Plum and silver bedroom ideas demonstrate one interesting feature: either plum or silver may be the dominating color. It doesn`t matter. The effect is always great. Silver gives a sort of chic to any interior and plum adds warmth and cosiness to it.

    Plum and white bedroom ideas are as popular as plum and grey ones. Deep and warm plum makes a contrast with pure white. Two noble colors form an ideal combination, complementing each other extremely well.

    Wonderful plum and white bedroom with interesting pink and crystal details

    Dedal plum and white bedroom with crystal pendants on the chandelier and wall

    Three color scheme is optimal if you are not a professional designer. Two color one could look boring. Four and more colors could be mixed well, but there`s a chance to disharmonize plum colored bedroom design.

    The greens go with plum surpassingly. The color scheme is natural and timeless. Green tinctures: mint, grass green, emerald-green, pistachio green and others perfectly set off plum. The most successful combination is plum and green bedroom.

    Plum and green bedroom invites to relax and dream

    Wonderful orchestration of plum and green bedroom colors: fresh and natural

    There is one color scheme for those who prefer classics to extravagance. Of course, this refers to plum and cream bedroom design. It is natural, calm and cozy.

    It goes without saying that plum and gold bedroom is the richest, the most impressive-looking and the most glamorous. Nobody sits loose to this king’s color scheme. The glitter of gold and depth of plum work stunning.

    Plum purple bedroom ideas as well as plum and black bedroom ideas have got a lot of fans and are implemented in different style designs.

    Plum and taupe bedroom and plum and brown bedroom are adequately competing with the above-mentioned color combinations.

    Plum Colors for Bedroom Walls

    Wall coating sets the tone of the bedroom alongside with flooring material. The plum walls in a bedroom could be finished by:

    • Wallpaper;
    • Paintwork;
    • Fabric;
    • Bricks.

    All walls may be finished by the same plum coating. But it`s better when only one or two walls are plum. Contrast color combinations are very attractive. Being a very rich color, plum may make the walls look too deep and disturbing.

    The Role of Accessories in Plum Bedroom Design

    It goes without saying that accessories are ultimate in creating an atmosphere of the bedroom. They help us to make changes if we are getting tired of the interior scene. Their forms and colors let us find out completely new and unordinary effects. As for plum, it is so rich, warm, noble and glamorous, that using even one plum accessory can put a twist on a typical interior.

    Live out a dream: use one of plum bedroom ideas!

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