• Attic Bedroom Ideas

    Attic Bedrooms – The Complete Guide

    Usually people setup bedrooms in attics because of two reasons: first, that’s the only spare room and they’ve got nowhere else to sleep, and second, they just love the thrill of it. Trust me, attic bedrooms are not those scary, tight, dark spaces with spider web, a funky smell and monsters at the other side […]

  • man cave bedroom ideas

    Man Cave Bedroom Ideas – Fun, Bold, Manly

    Are you a single fella with a standard, routine bedroom that you want to turn into a fun, exciting and bold man cave? Well, if your answer is “Yes”, then you came to the right place!  There are literally millions of man cave bedroom ideas on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good […]

  • green and navy bedroom

    Green Bedroom Facts, Pictures And Tips

    Green is a pretty popular color in nature – all the grass and the trees are green! As for decor, it’s something of a lonely pony, or, at least, that’s what it used to be. These days, when everybody and everything get a chance to express themselves, green bedrooms are getting a lot of attention. […]

  • simple bedroom design ideas

    Simple Bedroom Ideas – Tips, Tricks, And Then Some

    Just like small is the new big, simple is the new complicated. Even the richest folks in the world try to go with something modest these days – it’s a new trend right now. Back in the day simple bedrooms used to be associated with poor folks. Today – it’s a whole another thing. Simplicity […]