• Original and Practical Rustic Bedroom Ideas

    Generally rustic bedroom ideas presuppose combination of urban and rural elements and urban embeddings into the rural furnishing. That’s why a bedroom in the country style is not earthy, but chic and unusual.

    This style stands out for something unique in each country, so think over what motives of national spirit are closer to you: American, British, French, Swiss, or some other.

    Wooden decor of a rustic bedroom

    Country style is distinguished by few main characteristics: natural materials, simplicity, but not backwardness.

    Key rustic bedroom ideas consist of the following:

    1. The walls should be covered with the wallpaper or imitate the natural materials – bricks, planks. Small flowers, classic strips or a Canadian cell will look charming.

    2. The ceiling should be adjusted and whitewashed. You can just paint it and decorate with the wooden beams, imitating the wooden house.

    3. The flooring can be made of the parquet, decorative stone or floor tile. If large-scale changes are unwanted, use the carpet or rugs with a high soft pile.

    4. The colors should be natural, bright and pleasing to the eye. However, you can use bright accents for the accessories.

    5. Furniture does not have to be old! You can choose a painted bed, cupboards and chests of a straight simple form, without unnecessary decoration.

    The classic embodiment of rustic style involves the use of flower patterns for headboards upholstering, bed linen, bedspreads and curtains.

    The use of wooden decor in the country style is compulsory. This applies both to the bed frame and the overall furniture. Do not forget about the accessories: picture frames, slopes and the sill are made of wood and painted in white.

    Rustic Bedroom in your home

    There’s no need to use furniture of the same color. For light beige wooden floor and ceiling, use the vintage dark closet and new white furniture. Pay particular attention to the bed: it is important to choose a model with a high, but simple headboard with no upholstery.

    Accents in the Rustic Design

    Today, designers recommend paying more attention to details. You can combine flowers, stripes and simple patterns. While the surfaces demand soothing colors, you are not to limit yourself choosing accent points.

    Rustic wooden walls

    Use of the fresh flowers is one of the proper rustic design ideas as they bring brightness and comfort. Forged iron vintage accessories look appealing for any solution of the rural style of the bedroom.

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