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    Mission Style Bedroom Furniture in Modern Time

    Mission style bedroom furniture becomes a choice for some people in modern times. Even though the design is traditional or classic, some people demand those designs for their houses. One reason that makes them choosing mission style is the natural beauty offered by characteristic of such kind of furniture. Some people who want wooden furniture love to see and enjoy the texture, color and shape of furniture.

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    Those elements when combined will give great impression for people who see it. Another reason why people choose mission style is because it brings back memories. Most of modern furniture nowadays tends to show sleek, straight, shiny, and simple design. Those characteristics do not bring back any memories because they cannot be found in previous era. By showing texture that seems like hand-made chopping, natural matte color, and dent and curve along the furniture, people will feel younger because the furniture will bring them back in past time.

    missionary style bedroom furniture

    In a bedroom, one important furniture which should exist is bed set because bedroom is actually named after bed set in a room. Mission style bedroom furniture which is in the form of bed set should have natural and old style. Starting from the material, wood should be used for the furniture because wood is natural resource. Other material like metal will not work since it is not natural basically. Its texture cannot be modified resembling wood or any natural resources.

    The color also cannot be changed dramatically through various finishing. Because all of those reasons, wood is chosen. Typical model of mission style bed is the frame. Platform bed is commonly used and there are head board and foot board installed already. People can just put the mattress on the frame, and everything is set.

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    Mission style bedroom furniture has another unique characteristic other than the bed. It is the cabinet which has many slots available. The common size of a slot is 15 cm width, while the length may vary. The slot is then stacked up until desired size. Another thing that makes up its characteristic are the texture and finishing. Rustic texture from natural hard wood finishing will make great furniture look for anyone who see it.

    For the last remark, mission style needs connected furniture design. The natural brown matte color for finishing, natural hard wood as material, old rustic texture, and traditional design should be representative for enhancing mission look for bedroom.

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