• Minimalist Bedroom For Houses

    Minimalist bedroom is a bedroom that is commonly found in modern and contemporary houses. Regardless of that reason, minimalist bedroom ideas still can be applied to modern houses with traditional themes. There are some purposes why it is nice to have bedroom with minimalist decoration and design. The first reason is related to space.

    bed minimalist design

    Minimalist decoration and design will make the illusion of bigger room. Actually it is not merely an illusion because bedroom with minimalist decoration does not have complicated accessories for decorating the room. Thus, it makes the room more spacious. The next reason is to achieve clean room. Clean room here does not mean free from dust or any dirt, yet it means it is free from unnecessary items in the bedroom.

    Sometimes people put unnecessary things like too many ribbons, bed curtain, wall clock, photograph frames, and list goes on. Too many beautiful and meaningful decorations will not make the bedroom simple and nice, they will disturb people’s eyes instead. In short, having bedroom which is very minimalist is great option for people who need neat and clean room while keeping room as spacious as possible.

    minimalist small bedroom design

    There are some ideas for achieving two purposes mentioned in previous paragraph. One of the most important and significant procedures is removing objects that are not really functional, or in other words, replacing items that have similar function. For example, there is no need to put wall clock if there is already alarm clock on the desk, or removing photographs hanged in their wall onto study table or even removing all of the stuff except the furniture.

    Minimalist bedroom decoration can also be achieved by changing the pattern of wall painting, bed cover, carpet, and certain. In order to gain simple decoration, all of the patterns should be changed into plain color without any decor, print, or embroidery. It is done because complex pattern will give impression of bedroom complexity just like traditional bedroom decoration. Thus failing the concept of simplicity.

    modern minimalist bedroom interior design ideas

    Both of procedures above will make the room look simple and minimalist, yet there is still one more thing to make the room look even simpler. It is by changing the color. Minimalist bedroom decoration should have little color variation in order to keep the color and overall theme simple. It is advised that there should only two colors for alternating style in the bedroom to keep simple. Suggested color is black and white as the background color.

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