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    Man Cave Bedroom Ideas – Fun, Bold, Manly

    Are you a single fella with a standard, routine bedroom that you want to turn into a fun, exciting and bold man cave? Well, if your answer is “Yes”, then you came to the right place!  There are literally millions of man cave bedroom ideas on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good :).

    So, that’s why this post is vital if you’re serious about your “lair” and want to invest some time and money into this new crazy thing. Don’t worry: as usual, our focus today will be mostly on down-to-Earth and affordable ideas, but, we’ll still have a look at some “luxury” options. Who knows, maybe you’re a rich fella, 20-30 years old, who got the cash but not the knowledge? Alright, let’s put our Neanderthal masks on, shut the blinders and get cracking!

    Ok, let’s start with the basics: if you want your bedroom to look like a natural man cave, one way to do that would be to use dark tones, like grey and black. Remember: you can do more with less.

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    This particular bedroom gets the job done with minimalism, dark shades and, of course, that scary artwork on the wall, right above the large bed.

    We’ve got a similar setup here. However, this room is practically “overrun” by all kinds of photos and stuff on the walls. Oh, and that leather-wrapped bed is arguably one of the biggest clichés of manly bedrooms. Keep that in mind.

    man cave bedrooms

    True, old pictures may not necessarily add any “street cred” to your man cave, but they still look good. Authentic, I would say.

    This one is my all-time favorite! Come on, the amount of swagga on this one is off-the-charts! The beautiful fact is, you won’t have to spend big bucks to turn your apartment bedroom into a cool, catchy cave like that. The color combination is crazy, even though we’ve got only white, grey and the wooden color mixed together. So, nothing crazy, but it still looks super dope.

    how to make a man cave

    Man caves are all about that wild and free attitude, and nothing says “free” better than a spacious, gorgeous bedroom.

    Well, technically, this looks more like a hotels room than a bedroom. However, if you’re blessed with a view like that, all you have to do is not to ruin it. I’m serious! If you look out the window, all those people, cars, even buildings will look so small…exactly what you need to see to feel like you’re the king of the jungle, right?

    man cave ideas for small rooms

    A nice, cozy bed, a TV in the corner, a chair, a table and huge windows from both sides – it’s like the perfect recipe of a man cave bedroom.

    This bedroom continues the fine tradition of spacious caves with minimal accessories.

    cool stuff for mens bedroom

    We’ve got a classic combination of black and white with a mix of orange (!) that looks pretty great (!!)

    The thing is, it doesn’t necessarily have to look or sound good in your head to be good in real life. Just try different things and see what fits. It’s safe to say that anything goes with BG, as long as you don’t mess it up completely 🙂

    By the way, if you’re into black and white bedrooms, make sure to check out my post!

    Man Cave Must Haves – The Essential Stuff

    Now, there are no hard-and-true rules on what is it exactly that turns average 4 walls into a true man cave. Ask 10 people and every single one of them will have a unique answer for you. Well, that’s because what’s red to me looks like orange to you – get it? However, there actually are some “backroom principles” that you’ll have to stick to if you want to get some cool points with your bedroom.

    Everybody knows that guys love video games. So, if you’re 15-35 years old, a cool computer/Playstation 4 with all kinds of fancy gadgets is a must! Oh, and that chair better look cool, too! At the same time, everything else in the bedroom can be normal. So, if you’re not up for fancy designs, color combinations and big, spacious rooms, spend a couple of thousand dollars on an awesome gaming platform and you’re all set!

    man cave accessories

    If you’re 15-35 years old, a cool computer/Playstation 4 with all kinds of fancy gadgets is a man cave bedroom must have.

    Same setup, but this time around it’s a 100% man cave because you’ve got not one, but FIVE screens! For this setup to work you’ll have to be one of the two things: a super hardcore nerd that plays Starcraft on one screen, Battlefield on the second one and Uncharted on the third one, or a busy guy with a degree in science. Either way, you’re good!

    man cave decorating ideas

    100% man cave bedroom

    On the other hand, if you want to keep it all civilized while still making your bedroom look “cavy”, the easiest way to do that would be to hang a poster of a legendary musician from the 60s-90s period and put a guitar in the far corner. That’s pretty much it!

    small bedroom ideas for men

    Take a look at the picture – doesn’t it look like the perfect guy room? One love!

    More Man Bedroom Ideas

    Man cave stuff has always been in high demand, simply because we, the dudes, like to show the world that we are strong, manly and bold. That’s just the way of things. We just talked about man cave items and the fact that you don’t have to spend a fortune on your “project” or find unique stuff to hang around. Just use your imagination and go a bit crazy. Man cave décor is not about fancy, elegant or trendy. It’s about looking cool and making yourself feel like you’re at home.

    I love this room a lot, mainly because the combination of white and blue is awesome, and that window fills the bedroom with light, making it look bright, joyful and optimistic – ideal for a man cave. I’d recommend this one for your teenage boy – I think it would be perfect for a young man 12-19 years of age.

    man caves ideas

    Combination of white and blue is stunning for a man cave bedroom.

    ultimate man caves

    This one is definitely the ultimate man cave. Technically, you can’t even see the bedroom part in this photo – it’s behind the open door – but the rest is pretty dope. That mighty rug on the floor, the telescope (!) and minimalism in furniture give you the impression that “only real dudes are allowed”.

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