• How to Make Benches for Bedroom

    Benches for bedroom are sometimes necessary especially if you have guests that need to stay in your home. This can be an instant bedroom that you can provide for your guests. A bedroom bench should be as comfortable as a bed because it might act as a bed both for day and night. Making your own bedroom bench can be an interesting idea to do if you want your bedroom bench to be perfect as you want. A diy bedroom bench can be made in a tufted design so that it will feel comfortable to use. You can make it yourself even with little carpentry skills.

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    Benches for bedroom can be made of fabric, boards and foam. The fabric used for the tufted cushion should match with the rest room decor to make everything well blended. If you already had a bench in your home, you can simply make the cushion to complete it to make a bench for a bedroom. However, if you do not have a bench, then you can make the bench your own. Making a bench is a bit complicated because you need to do some carpentry skills in this project.

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    First you should sand all the boards that you want to use to make a bench. You can use a medium-grade sandpaper to sand hardwood boards and then clean any debris from the sanding. After sanding, you can stain the boards in the color that you want to match the rest decor in your bedroom. Remember that you need to use different boards in different thickness for the sides and the seats.

    After staining your bench, you need to allow it to dry before continuing to the next step. The boards that you will use for the bench seat should be marked every 3 inches to make the tufted. However, you can use different spaces for the tufted to suit your need and taste. The tufted marks can be drilled to create 1/8-inch holes. The hole over side that you stain should be covered with a duck tape to help you hold the knots as you later tuft the seat.

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    Now you can prepare the foam to be used as the top of your bench seat. You can use an electric knife to easily cut the foam. The foam can be attached to the unstained bench seat using adhesive spray. Benches for bedroom can be made using these steps and there are still some other things you need to do to make them well completed.

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