• Hints On Mastering The Aristocratic Shades Of Your Grey Bedroom

    Applying the color grey in bedroom interiors has grown into a trendy sway. Our selection of  explains how to fill your bedchamber with the colour and gain the fame of a person of fashion.

    Grey Bedroom

    The Shades Of Elegance

    Making your bedroom look and feel harmonious and comfy requires probing deeply into the abundant array of grey shades. Any of the following is the right choice to set the dominant tone of your bedroom:

    – ash-grey
    – light and dark grey
    – charcoal-grey
    – silver-grey
    – pearl-grey
    – graphite.

    Schemes With The Colour Of Shadow

    Grey is good, but unless you want the sleeping room to seem gloomy, don’t overdo it. Spice up the mild ashy background with something sharper, something rich in contrast. Try out the time-proven schemes below.

    – Grey + white. A classic combination, gives the feeling of purity and airiness;
    – Grey + blue. Entails the relaxing sea-side freshness;
    – Grey + bright yellow. Instills a warm and cozy atmosphere;
    – Grey + red. Great for big city life, brings new exciting ideas to mind;
    – Grey + green. Feels natural, helps relieve a stress.

    Furniture For A Grey Bedroom

    Grey Bedroom

    Strict geometry is the first rule of all grey bedroom ideas. Square bed-side tables and a low bed of laconic shape are just the thing. After the main pieces are in place, complement the interior with supplementary ones: a TV-stand, an austere chest of drawers, a massive or very modest arm-chair. Take your choice, but don’t encumber the space too much.

    Accessing The Accessories

    Bright pillows placed on the bed or the arm-chair help distribute the accents the way you need. Small photographs in plain frames, shelves with minor items, tall vases with flowers also come in handy when decorating a grey bedroom.

    Grey Bedroom Photo Gallery