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    Green Bedroom Facts, Pictures And Tips

    Green is a pretty popular color in nature – all the grass and the trees are green! As for decor, it’s something of a lonely pony, or, at least, that’s what it used to be. These days, when everybody and everything get a chance to express themselves, green bedrooms are getting a lot of attention. They certainly do deserve it, as the color is rich, warm, exciting and calming all at the same time.

    Besides, we’ve got The Arrow breaking all kinds of records on TV and Michael Bay recently putting a photo of an old green car in Cuba where the new Transformers are being shot. Aha, green is booming right now, and so a green bedroom today will be a perfect way to follow the trend and be cool. For centuries red, blue and green have been considered to be extravagant and bold colors, but there’s no denying the fact that this is exactly what design and decor are about – creating something unique, something that draws the eye and turns an average room into a work of art. Or, at the very least, gives it a nice touch. Speaking of red, check out my post on this furious color. There are tons of shades to every color, and when it comes to green the difference between a light tone and a dark tone is huge as you’ll see in the following examples.

    girl bedroom ideas

    That’s a classic green bedroom right there. You’ve got green walls that go really great with the white-grayish floor and ceiling. Check out those tiny “inclusions” of green on the bed cover, the pillows and the blinds – don’t they just look super cute? This could be a perfect room for your teenage girl(s), unless she’s a Goth, a punk or into dubstep :).


    green painted walls

    Didn’t I just say that green is perfect for creating that warm, homey atmosphere? This room is a great proof of that. The green walls and the slightly darker wallpaper work wonders together.

    lime green bedroom accessories

    I really love when people are not afraid to be bold and go with not-so-traditional ways. In this example we’ve got a standard room with the white color dominating the walls, the door, the desk and the bed cover, with straight, simple lines. However, that lime green on the bed, the “chair” and especially that mirror makes it super-stylish and fancy, almost too fancy, if you ask me. Remember: a lime green bedroom always looks good, even if you ruin it with your “brilliant” ideas.

    green bedroom paint colors

    You’ve got an adorable baby girl that just turned 2 and you want to create a bright and happy atmosphere in her bedroom? Try mixing green with pink. Trust me, they go great together, especially if you turn your creative mood on and do something like those pinky butterflies on the green wall and green leaves and stuff on the white wall.

    Green Bedroom Walls, Furniture And Accessories

    So, as you can see from the photos, green does have a certain flavor that lights up the room and adds nice, catchy accents to the walls, the bedroom, the furniture and everything else in between. Don’t underestimate the power of this mighty color, but, at the same time, don’t try to overdo it, because there’s nothing worse than putting on too much of something unique – it just becomes average in a blink of an eye. Check out the pictures, watch videos on Youtube and use your own set of skills to make that green count.

    green wall paint for bedroom

    This is exactly what I’m talking about. You can certainly appreciate the way the designer uses green to complement with the other dominant color in the bedroom. Both colors are warm, but, at the same time, they’re not too dark and the light from the big window lights it all up perfectly. The blinds are green as are the chair and the bed cover. Wait, what about that green part of the wall? What can I say – it looks good, even though it wouldn’t be the first thought in my mind.

    decorating a green bedroom

    If you want your kids to live in a sunny, joyful and playful room, make sure to check this one out. The color on the walls is somewhere between light green and lime, and that’s the only strong presence of green. However, it’s those pillows, the books and the shelves that really draw the attention. There’s nothing to it – it’s not expensive, it’s not hard to do. You just have to come up with a catchy idea and make it work.

    green and brown bedroom decorating ideas

    Green paint for walls looks magical enough for your kids to enjoy and trendy enough for you and your wife/husband to love. It really is a universal color. On this particular photo you can see how the brown strips (well, not strips, bars) go hand in hand with the door and the furniture, while green dominates the walls.

    pale green bedroom

    A dark green bedroom, as opposed to a light one, looks a lot more “mature” and brings out the character of the walls, makes them look more…expensive, I’d say. The designer of this bedroom created a fantastic atmosphere by combining dark green with light green, giving both colors a 50/50 chance to shine. Oh, and yes, the view is amazing, too!

    The Art Behind Mixing Different Colors

    Green is a powerful enough color to look great on its own, but, if you combine it with other mighty colors, including white, grey, black, and other, more exotic tones, you might just come up with an awesome palette that will make your neighbors jealous :).

    green wall paint ideas

    Green wall decor doesn’t have to be all over the place – try mixing it with black and white, like in this example.

    paint shades for bedroom

    Don’t be afraid to go a bit crazy with your green, don’t stick to the traditional ways only. The scientists say green can be as relaxing as white and as emotional as red. So, a good combination of green with white will help you to create heavenly bliss in your bedroom, while a darker tone with red will be awesome for a work hard, play hard kind of setup.

    green and white bedroom

    Looking for something bright and colorful? Check this room out! lime green dominates the scene, even though white is pretty strong as well. A design like this will be ideal for a creative person’s bedroom, like maybe if you’re an artist, a writer or a musician.

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