• Simple things for feng shui master bedroom

    Feng Shui Your Life – The Best Bedroom Ideas

    What do you think about feng shui (pronounced fung shway) design? Maybe that it’s very specific and demands compliance with many rules or you don’t believe it will attract luck and wealth into your life? But maybe you just need more information – about how to arrange feng shui bedroom layout. Look what ideas offer designers and you’ll change your mind.

    Unbreakable Feng Shui rules – Dos and Don’ts

    There are many important issues without which you can’t make feng shui work on your house and bedroom in particular. They are from bed arrangement to decor elements that are appropriate. So, let’s figure out how to feng shui your bedroom.

    Destructive Mistakes

    If we talk about feng shui interior design, take into account all these things that shouldn’t be used in bedroom to get desired atmosphere:

    • Images of water, fountains, aquariums;
    • Plants and flowers (or their images) – this point is contentious as almost in every second examples of feng shui bedroom wall art there are such elements;
    • Dark and depressing colors of walls, decor;
    • Any images of violence, sadness, pain or other bad feelings;
    • Paintings with deities or mythical creatures (e. g. dragons);
    • For couples – singular objects as well as friend’s, kids, family photos;
    • All that could remind of past relationships.

    Ideas For The Most Important Room

    And if you plan to change your life for the best, these tips will be really helpful:

    • Add color moderately, they should be soothing, but if you need love and romance, include that symbolize fire element – red, strong yellow, pink, purple, orange;
    • Beige and light yellow will be home “protectors” (Earth elements):

      feng shui for master bedroom

      Fabric wall panels and simple lines create peace and relaxation

    • “Metal” will bring lightness and clarity – other meaningful feng shui colors for bedroom are gray and white;
    • Undisputable feng shui bedroom colors are pastels (light green, pink, purple, blue), use them in bedding sets, sheets or just pillows. More ideas with such palette look here.

    Important Issue – Feng Shui Bedroom Furniture Placement

    All bedrooms are not same, if there’s no enough area master will have problems with it. Look at these decisions, they can be helpful.

    Right feng shui bedroom layout

    Illustrative examples of right feng shui bedroom layout

    The main principles:

    1. Don’t place headboard of feng shui bed opposite to the window avoid it in line with the door.
      Some basics of feng shui bed placement

      Some basics of feng shui bed placement

      But feng shui bed frame can be as you wish, even not ordinary.

    2. Another important feng shui thing here – mirror. First, it should be full-reflecting and don’t put it opposite the bed, maybe even cover it up when you lay your head.
    3. All that was said about mirror in feng shui designs also concerns screen of TV, it reflects your image, besides electric devices are not welcomed here at all. But if there are no other rooms in your flat, there can be exceptions:

      Perfect place for a couple

      Perfect place for a couple

    4. Use more natural materials, be close to nature and follow symmetry – it’ll bring harmony.

      Bed frame is symmetric to other things

      Bed frame is symmetric to other things

    5. If your room is small think about place where will be all the stuff – nothing is worse for feng shui than clutter or under-the-beds storage

    So, there were some advices that must help you to avoid mistakes and make life better. Finally, look at these pictures, maybe they will inspire you for changes.