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    Cozy Bedroom Ideas Are Awesomely Different

    When you are on the lookout for latest bedroom decorating tendencies, trying to choose the best of them for your new bedroom, pay special attention to cozy bedroom design elements. A bedroom is a private space for relaxation and dreaming. On average per day a person is spending about 10 hours there. Of course, most of the time he or she is sleeping, but the quality time before and after sleeping is especially important to tune in to productive day or switch off  after it. So, coziness, comfort and aesthetic qualities are elements of an ideal bedroom design.

    When preparing for redoing your bedroom, use warm bedroom ideas. They will help you to decorate it in a perfectly snuggery way. Act responsibly, when choosing style, colors, furniture and fabrics for your new cozy master bedroom, children’s or guest rooms.

    Here are some tips to  make your bedroom cozy:

    1. Choose a comfortable bed with orthopedic mattress.
    2. Choose elegant and cozy bed sheets.
    3. Try to avoid undisciplined style.
    4. Use only the colors you like.
    5. Cozy bedroom colors are preferable. Light pastel shades most often chosen for the decoration of the bedroom, because they promote relaxation and tranquility. Most people vainly avoid dark walls in the bedroom. As a matter of fact dark gray, dark blue, brown, plum, rich green and even black walls make the room comfortable and cozy. It is a perfect solution for small bedrooms: the boundaries of the room seemed to dissolve, and visually this bedroom seems even more spacious than one painted in bright colors walls.
    6. Be careful with bright color combinations.
    7. Use several light sources of different intensity.
    8. Don`t be afraid of using different interior finish materials (wood, stone, compact laminate, glass).
    9. Fabrics are very important in cozy bedroom designs.
    10. Thoroughly think the bedroom design through down to the finest details.
    11. The final result must be delight for the eye and the body!

    Cozy Bed is a Foundation Stone of  Quality Rest

    It goes without saying that a bed is the most important thing not only in the bedroom, but across the living accommodation. Necessary bed requirements include being: appropriately sized, comfortable, made of health friendly materials. Besides, it should be a sight for sore eyes! A cozy bed can be made of:

    • Wood;
    • Wrought iron;
    • Metal and wood;
    • Leather.

    Readme: Let your bed headboard be east oriented. Specialists say it`s good for health!

    Cozy Bed Sheets Can Hardly Be Overestimated When Creating Bedroom Design

    They can give pleasant contact sensations and can help you to be cheerful and optimistic. Supply of bed linen is great nowadays. The best materials used for bed sheet fabrication are:

    • Silk (expensive, but incredibly nice to the touch; comforts dog nights of summer and look rich);
    • Glazed cotton (rather costly, but doesn`t wash-out);
    • Linen (lasting fabric, can be actively used for a long time, allergen-free, well breathable, unreplaceable in boho and country decor styles creating, but crumples easily, white linen cloth may turn yellow, present-day detergents may destroy fabric structure)
    • Percale (may cause allergy, because of the sizing process using starch, glycerin and animal fatty substance).

    Besides, a cozy bed sheet may be highly embroidery decorated. As for coloration of cloths, their number is countless. Single-color,  striped, flowery, checked and others. Even 3D fabric is used to manufacture bed sheets.

    Cozy colors for the bedroom play an important role in cozy design development. Pastel shades are aesthetically desirable. Light hues of brown, pink, green, yellow and blue are in place. And white is beyond competition. Warm, cozy bedroom colors will put you in a cheerful frame of mind and make your bedroom the best place for you to rest!

    We wish you a wise choice when planning your cozy bedroom design!

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