• cream and brown bedroom decorating ideas elegantly materialized in a bedroom for a teen boy

    Brown Teenage Bedroom Proves To Be The Best Of All Possible Color Choices

    If your kid has outgrown her or his bedroom design and you`re going to redo it, don`t forget to keep in mind that teens need a place where they could  host guests, study or just stay alone. The teenage bedroom is a multi-purpose place. And of course discuss the new design with your teen. While the planning teenage bedroom arrangement,  the following shall be observed:

    Useful  teenage bedroom tips

    • Enough space and seats to invite friends and sit them down;
    • Convenient place to study;
    • Comfortable sleeping accommodation;
    • Enough space for hobby, if the teenager has got one;
    • The design should be right up the teen`s alley.

    Brown schemes for teenage rooms

    You can hardly ever find a more appropriate color for a teenage bedroom than brown. Brown is one of the few colors that almost everybody is fond of. It goes with any color, from black to white. It looks  fitting in youngsters` bedrooms.  There are a lot of brown bedroom teenage ideas using brown schemes. Boys as well as girls and their parents choose various styles and schemes, where brown can be the main color or play the role of color accent. Brown  is considered to be calm and soft, warm and relaxing. Psychologists say that it creates good feel.

    Light brown or camel will optically widen the room, while chocolate will be able to encourage a feeling of comfort and safety. An awkward age is a hard time for teens and they are especially psychologically vulnerable. Of course, brown can`t resolve all problems, but it can help a young person to rest at ease, when staying in brown bedroom. Another tremendous advantage of the color is that it can be in place in any style.

    Brown bedroom schemes for boys

    Boys usually prefer blue, navy, grey, green combinations with brown. More rarely they choose black, orange as a brown companion. Both preteens as well as adolescents are fond of wall decorations. The former like planes, cars, cartoon characters. The latter choose sportsmen, singers, musical instruments, sports gear.

    Brown bedroom schemes for girls

    Most girls adore romantic brown combinations with pink, white, lilac and lavender. Some of them like energetic colors, such as: yellow, orange and red. And they manage to combine them with brown successfully. Just as boys, girls are fond of images on the walls. Unlike boys they fancy flowers, domestic animals, birds, clouds. But getting older, some girls also choose singers, actors, models. The others prefer young-lady style. Brown is relevant in any case.

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