• Blue bedroom sets

    Make Blue Bedroom Of Your Dreams

    In this article you can find perfect ideas for a blue bedroom. This color inspires designers all the time, it has calming and comforting, but also invigorating effect. Find hues that suits you perfectly and enjoy the result!

    Different Shades Of Beautiful Blue Bedrooms

    There are so many variations of blue, it’s difficult to name all of them – azure, cobalt blue, cornflower blue, indigo, Eton blue, iris, royal blue, sapphire and lots of others. Let’s start with the lightest shade and gradually move to darker, here are only the most popular of them.

    Delicate shade in light blue bedroom

    Light blue and white bedroom – great variant for married couples.

    blue grey bedroom

    Neutral blue grey bedroom with contrasted accent

    blue gray bedroom

    Elegant and chic blue gray bedroom with oriental ornament

    aqua blue bedroom ideas

    Mirrored bedside table and lots of fabrics – take these aqua blue bedroom ideas

    Baby blue bedroom

    Baby blue bedroom in traditional color

    Navy bedroom

    Navy blue bedroom with contrasting green and brown tones

    blue walls bedroom

    These blue walls in bedroom look vivid, especially in combination with different materials and bright paintings

    Best Color Combinations For Blue Bedroom – Interesting Decisions

    Blue is a wonderful “companion” for other colors and hues. Take a look at these photos and see how different white, black, brown, green and beige can be.

    white and blue bedrooms

    Minimalistic blue and white bedrooms

    Brown and blue bedroom

    Brown and blue bedroom – wood and lots of light

    black and blue bedroom

    Classical combination – black and blue bedroom

    Cozy green and blue bedroom

    This green and blue bedroom demands natural materials

    blue and beige bedroom

    Example of traditional blue and beige bedrooms

    Inspiring Blue

    Actually it’s not easy to present all the blue color applications in the interior here, so here are just the most impressive. They are sophisticated, eye-catching, contemporary, bright and peaceful – choose your style!

    blue lights for bedroom

    Add blue lights for bedroom – make it special

    Painted bedroom furniture

    Painted bedroom furniture – change hue at any time!

    Creative blue bedroom decor

    These blue bedroom decorations give it energy and cheerfulness

    Blue bedroom accessories

    Blue bedroom accessories – paintings, glass and forged pieces of furniture

    Blue paint colors for bedroom

    Blue paint colors for bedrooms – don’t be afraid to combine several hues.

    Blue bedroom sets

    Blue bedroom set naturally sets into interior

    Curtains for blue bedrooms

    Curtains for blue bedroom can be the meaningful color point

    boys blue bedroom

    Marine blue boys bedroom

    girls blue bedrooms

    Spacious girls blue bedroom

    Blue bedding

    Bedding for a blue room in mediterranean style

    Blue bedroom furniture

    Blue bedroom furniture with white and orange hues

    Ideas for blue bedrooms

    Ideas for a blue bedroom with antique accent

    Blue Bedroom Photo Gallery