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    Everything You Need To Know About Inspiring Black And White Bedroom

    It’s safe to say that a black and white bedroom is the most popular, loved and even iconic part of any designers and decorator’s toolbox. That’s because these 2 are the most versatile and flexible colors out there, not to mention they look and feel pretty damn great. The possibilities are truly endless and with a black and white bedroom décor you can make your space look relaxing, moody and warm; or, why not try to use the dark combinations and go for a classic Hollywood-like theme? The choice is yours! The first thing you gotta learn about black and white bedroom designs is they’re quite “user-friendly” and you won’t need a science degree to make sense of them.

    The Best Ideas For A Black And White Bedroom

    What’s the most important thing in a bedroom? That’s right, the bed is! However, an ordinary black and white bed will not actually make you excited about it or anything like that. It looks pretty casual. But, if you throw in some extravagant accents in there, like a purple cover on the bed, a big, spacious window right next to it and a point-black wall, I bet you’ll love it. It’s all about experimenting and finding your perfect combinations.

    white and black bed

    Check out the bold combination of black, white and purple.

    Black And White Wall Décor

    Speaking of black and white wall décor, there are tons of possibilities with the wallpapers. And if a black-and-white bed is not as “striking” as it used to be, when you go with BW on the walls, something magical happens. Don’t tell me you’re not impressed with the following pics!

    black and white bedroom wallpaper.

    The unusual huge horizontal black lines on a white wall immediately give the impression of a high-tech and hip design. The stylish black and white pillows, bed cover and even floor rug only add to the awesome picture.

    black and white wallpaper for bedroom

    With a simple color combination like that you can still “Wow” with just the right touch. The wavy walls might seem a bit extreme, but they do look great with the black blinds, TV and bed cover/pillows

    Black Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

    The furniture is the second-best after the bed, so, let’s see how we can design it properly.

    black and white contemporary furniture

    Probably the easiest way to make the furniture work is to paint the dresser black, while keeping the walls nice and white. The tiny black accents all over, the two small nightstands, will give your design a very “sexy” touch.

    bedroom ideas for black furniture

    Another great way to decorate your black and white bedroom furniture would be to use the same pattern for the armchair, the bedroom cover and the rug.

    What’s So Great About Black And White Bed Sets?

    BW bed sets have been around for ages, and, truth be told, there’s nothing special about them. Scroll through any gallery and you’ll find pretty much the same regular combinations. On the other hand, sometimes we all just want something traditional and not extravagant, so, in that case, the classic black and white bed sets will do just fine.

    Black And White Themed Bedroom Ideas

    Obviously, we can’t cover ALL the available black and white themes in one article, but we don’t even have to. It all comes down to your budget and your enthusiasm, nothing more, nothing less.

    white and black themed bedroom

    This luxurious bedroom makes the most out of the idea of a BW combination and cleverly sets the accents so that everything plays into the main task – make it look like true luxury.

    black and white bedroom decor

    True, this isn’t a regular setup, but it’s actually really easy to decorate your room like that. Black certainly does prevail in this bedroom and gives it an attractive dark appeal.

    Black And White Bedroom Accessories

    Sometimes a nice little touch is what you need to turn your average-looking bedroom into something truly cool. And black and white bedroom accessories are your best friends in this task.

    black and white accessories for bedroom

    Take a look at those nice black vases right next to the bed shelf, or the white lamp on the drawer.

    black and white room accessories

    Yes, that panther might seem a bit extreme, but that eagle hanging over the bed or the beautiful piece of architecture right next to it sure does give the room a unique feel.

    black and white bedroom accessories

    Hanging black-and-white photographs right above the bed is arguably the oldest trick.

    What Else Is There?

    Now, finally, let’s talk about some crazy or not-so-much combinations of BW with other colors. For example, a black white and gray bedroom is considered to be one of the most popular picks in the 21st century.

    black red and white bedroom

    Red goes awesome with BW as well, makes the room look and feel “spicier” than your boring black-on-white design. This semi-rustic decor with that red wall and red furniture would be awesome for your teenage kids!

    black white and gray bedroom

    The most obvious use for gray would be the bed covers. The window frames look pretty great in gray too, by the way.

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