• Proper Use of Bedroom Light Fixtures for Harmony and Comfort

    The bedroom design can comprise all types of lighting: general, local, utility and decorative. Bedroom light fixtures should create an even, soft and scattering light. They are chosen by intensity and combined with the furniture and color scheme of the bedroom.

    Bbedroom light fixture of Classic style

    General lighting for bedrooms

    A small ceiling lamp does not occupy much space and looks spectacular in a small bedroom, especially with a low ceiling. Designers allow the installation of a bulky lamp with lots of crystal, glass and other decorative elements in a spacious bedroom.

    Antique light fixture
    A lampshade of the main lamp must be combined with the overall color of the bedroom and not to discord other light sources.
    In the bedroom with a suspended ceiling halogen spotlights can be installed. These bedroom light fixtures form a pleasan t and even illumination and possess a movable armature, with the help of which light may be directed to certain areas of the room.

    A great choice for the bedroom are ceiling lights in the form of hemispheres or balls. The closed lampshade forms a diffused light that creates a sense of warmth and comfort.

    Ball shaped ceiling light

    Local lighting for bedrooms

    For those who like to read before going to sleep, a great option would be a table lamp that can be placed on the bedside table. It is important to consider that the edge of the bed must be illuminated, so the lamp should not be placed too low.

    Pendant glass light fixture
    Wall lamps for the bedroom are set directly at the bed head, about 1.5-1.7 meters from the floor. A standard lamp today is a rare guest in the bedroom, but it should not be ignored.

    Decorative lighting for bedrooms

    Decorative lighting for the bedroom is designed to give the interior originality and complement design and style of the room. For example, highlighted picture, decorative fountain or built-in stained glass panel – LED lighting can make any interior solution look special. Decorative lighting can be used instead of a lamp.

    Working lights in the bedroom

    As a rule, there is a mirror in the bedroom. Its lighting is arranged symmetrically on both sides of the mirror or above it, but the light mustn’t illuminate the face of the person sharply. If the built-in closet or a wardrobe is not equipped with built-in lighting, use rotating lights.

    Light fixtures for BedroomBedroom light fixtures are a part of the decor. It is good use several types of lighting that can be operated either together or separately. Find the best combination for your bedroom!

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