• Beautiful King Bedroom Furniture Sets for Your Bedroom

    King bedroom furniture sets are furniture sets that show old yet elegant points of a bedroom. What people feel when they come to a bedroom with king bedroom sets is the feeling of elegance, classic feeling, and proud. There are some reasons why people choose this style for their bedroom. One of them is to return the time space. This style is not for people who demand modern or contemporary style. It is because the furniture and other decorations do not support modern design which makes sleek and shiny design as priority. Because of its old look and feel, this bedroom style is only for those who like classical bedroom. The following paragraph will describe some possible designs to achieve king bedroom look through its furniture.

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    King bedroom furniture sets actually consist of three main furniture. They are bed as the focal point, cabinet as supportive furniture, and make up desk as functional furniture. Starting from bed set it will not go far from the frame. The frame is usually platform bed without box spring like people usually use. It is chosen because it reduces cost drastically, it also provides better support as well as rigidity, and most importantly, it saves some spaces that can be used for storage or just nice air flow.

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    The frame has quite big headboard because it will give impression of greatness. Sometimes upholstery is installed on headboard, yet it will greatly decrease classical value of the bedroom. Recommended upholstery for this style is fabric because it is still considered neutral and old fashioned. Leather upholstery is not nice option since leather will give too much accent of luxury in modern times, not in old times.

    King bedroom furniture sets will not be complete without cabinet and make up desk because those items are necessary to balance the beauty of the room. They are also very functional and needed. Texture is the most important thing and should be combined with finishing. The texture should appear like it is not maintained. This kind of style is called by rustic texture which usually comes with finishing. By using this finishing, it will greatly improve the feeling when it’s seen.

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    To add more old kingly characteristic, the door slot handle can be replaced to U-shaped handle with traditional curve. Another alternative for door handle is crystal-ball-like handle. Both of those handles will give old impression for the bedroom. When all of those elements, from bed sets, cabinets, and make up desk, are combined, they will make a whole great theme of King bedroom set.

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