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    Attic Bedrooms – The Complete Guide

    Usually people setup bedrooms in attics because of two reasons: first, that’s the only spare room and they’ve got nowhere else to sleep, and second, they just love the thrill of it. Trust me, attic bedrooms are not those scary, tight, dark spaces with spider web, a funky smell and monsters at the other side of it. Well, they can be, but not necessarily ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s actually pretty easy to turn an attic into bedroom, a nice, comfy one. Generally, all the rules of solid bedroom design/decor apply to attics as well, with a couple of exceptions.

    The idea is to cover the weak spots and to accentuate the strong ones. Over the years people came up with tons of amazing ideas on how to make it work, but they all come down to one major rule: the bedroom has to be cozy, fuzzy and full of light. Alright, now that we’ve learned about the basics, let’s take a quick look at some of the best attic bedroom ideas that the modern-day designers have to offer. Ready to be amazed? Let’s roll!

    This is that classic attic bedroom that puts emphasis on comfort and coziness as opposed to fancy, expensive decor and accessories. White works great with the color of wood, and it’s that 50/50 mix that gives the room a homey feeling. It’s simple, too: one bed (for two) one chair and stylish “furniture” built into the walls. I personally love the way the designer combines simplicity with utility. Bravo!

    attic into bedroom

    Classic attic bedroom

    Are you a fan of rustic designs? Good, because it doesn’t get any more “rural” that this setup right here. There’s no cover on the floor, ceiling and walls, but that’s exactly what makes this bedroom special. Space is limited, but they made it work with minimal furniture – only the essential stuff: a bed in the middle, two chairs, a drawer and two nightstands with lamps on them. That’s it!

    how to make an attic into a bedroom

    You won’t need a science degree to do something similar in your attic.

    We’ve got a similar design here, only this time around the attic is REALLY tiny. The built-in drawer is a nice touch (and a necessity, I’d say :)), and that raw wooden support gives it a very unique, “hooligan” look. There’s no furniture around, except for the nightstand right next to the bed, so that means this bedroom is just for sleeping. No work, just rest? That sounds awesome!

    cottage attic bedroom ideas

    This attic bedroom is just for sleeping.

    This bedroom looks so much more comfortable that the previous two, doesn’t it? First of all, the bed is super-comfy, second, that…lamp on the ceiling is a nice touch and the fact that this small attic has three windows only adds to the close-to-nature feeling. Again, no furniture except for the two nightstands. Guess that’s a common thing in attic bedroom design.

    converting attic into bedroom

    Minimalism is a common thing in attic bedroom design.

    Converting Attic Into A Bedroom – The Art Behind It

    So, how do you transform an attic (probably and old, dusty and creepy one) iknto a nice, habitable bedroom? Well, first of all, you’ll have to clean it up. Next, check if all the cables work and make sure there are no cats or dogs living in the attic (I’m serious). After that it will depend on your budget and skills. If you’ve got a designer friend, it would be a good idea to ask him/her to give your soon-to-be-bedroom professional evaluation. It might come in handy, because you don’t want to start investing money and manpower into this new project only to find out later that there’s no place to put your favorite TV or setup your improvised gym.

    Exactly what I’m talking about – an old attic turned into a pretty cool bedroom. Check out that “chair” next to the window! I bet it will be a blast to read a nice book while sitting in it. The shelves look great as well. However, I would let that chandelier go, because it just doesn’t fit. That’s just my opinion, of course.

    how to remodel an attic

    An old attic turned into a pretty cool bedroom.

    Time for fancy! Does this attic bedroom look a lot like the bunks from the very first Alien movie, or is it just me?

    small attic bedroom ideas

    The mix of colors looks just so familiar! This would be a perfect setup for two boys or two girls, but only for sleeping – you can’t study without a desk, now can you?

    There’s no wallpaper on the walls, just wood. The bed is located right next to the window, so, morning sun lights will warm you up and wake you up nicely. The drawers right under the bed will fit all of your clothes in, while the shelves are perfect for putting your favorite books in.

    design ideas for attic bedrooms

    A cute little attic bedroom for all the romantics to enjoy.

    attic bedroom closet ideas

    Definitely one of my favorites. The simplicity in this attic bedroom allows for the accents to come through, like that stylish bed cover and the two small windows right over the bed. I bet it’s cool to fall asleep watching the stars. Even the big-bad closet doesn’t ruin it!

    The best attic bedroom I’ve ever seen. My guess is they designed the house this way initially, because it’s pretty spacious for an attic. Again, nothing’s out of the picture, everything’s in its place.

    attic master bedroom

    The combination of white and grey does a perfect job of accentuating the beautiful bedside table and the artwork on the wall.

    You’ve got two little girls that want to live in the attic? Check this bedroom out!

    attic bedrooms

    It’s perfect for kids, because it’s bright, there’s almost no furniture (less stuff in the room means they won’t hurt themselves playing) and those stylish “letters” all over the room make it look really cool.

    On the other hand, if your girls are all grown up and are ladies now (teenagers, I mean), a cute white room won’t be the right fit for them, but this one definitely will.

    attic into bedroom

    The design is simple and minimalistic – sterile, I would say. Just one nightstand, two beds and two windows (that one on the ceiling is a nice touch).

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